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A new direction for Michelle Hickey Design

In this post, I share the ins and outs of my business’s new offerings and brand redesign. I can’t wait to hear what you think! Every creative journey is filled with ups and downs, and at the end of last year, I felt a bit lost. You know this. The online space, as I knew […]

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I’m Michelle.
A modern maker with a classic approach to design. Ever in search
of beautiful typography and
baked goods.
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We’ve seen a massive shift in the past two years as the marketplace has become flooded with new, talented creators. How are we to be heard? What a digital brand needs to stand out in 2022 is discernment. In this post, you’ll find the guidance you need to elevate your brand’s presence, with simplicity. After […]

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Personality tests are more than fun indulgences. They are essential tools designed to help you understand your strengths, spot weaknesses, and differentiate your work. As the online world crowds, and it’s becoming increasingly challenging to stand out, personality tests for creatives are more crucial than ever. Overcoming a creative block Like many of you, the […]

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Have you been feeling uninspired? Here’s how to use the ten aesthetics of joy to unleash creativity in your work and life. Even the happiest, most positive people feel the heaviness of our world. And lately, things have been extra challenging. Whether you’ve been consumed by negativity in the news or struggling with a personal […]

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In this post, I give an update on my book writing journey and share how acting the part can help you stay the course as you pursue a creative dream. We all have creative dreams. Maybe yours is to see your work in an art gallery, host a retreat, write a screenplay, or design a […]

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A beautiful vision board needs more than just great images. A well-executed layout can make all the difference. In this post, I share my best tips for designing a digital vision board. It took a few weeks to settle in, but I’m finally feeling ready to take on this new year. There were a few […]

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For me, creating a vision board has become an integral part of beginning a new year. In this post, I share my process, reveal my finished 2022 vision board, and offer encouragement to help you create one for yourself. The calendar says that the new year began on Saturday, January 1st, but I wasn’t ready […]

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My word of focus for 2021 was “Luxurious.” It wasn’t a necessarily noble choice, but after a challenging 2020, I was ready to indulge. When I shared my word of the year with friends, I remember following it with all kinds of disclaimers, assuring them that I wouldn’t turn into a jerk or start wearing […]

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For creatives, books, movies, and television are both a source of entertainment and inspiration for our projects. Or at least that's the excuse I give when people ask, "how do you find the time to watch/read so many things?" Here's a list of the books, tv shows, movies, documentaries, and podcasts I most enjoyed in [...]

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Since the launch of our new movie and book club on October first, my life now officially revolves around movies, books, and television. In addition to the selections we watched and read as a community last month (Gone Girl, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Rear Window, Knives Out, and Verity), I also found some time to [...]

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Whether you need help developing your brand's aesthetic, or scroll-stopping visual content, I'm here to help you and your business stand out in the digital space.


A modern maker with a classic approach to design.

An elder millennial, I learned graphic design the old-fashioned way, but for the past fifteen years, I’ve practiced those principles in the digital space. The result: content that stands the test of time.

I work with clients to craft everything from the ground up, establishing a strong foundation and energizing your visuals with meaning. Impactful content goes beyond what we see. We’re here to make your audience feel.

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