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Hi! We're Your hostS, Michelle and Steve.

We’ve been friends since 2003 when Michelle gave Steve
 a ride home from college for the weekend. There was a miscommunication about the return trip and Steve was forced to take a less than desirable bus ride back to school. He still hasn’t recovered.

Despite living in different parts of the country, social media kept us connected after college. We were regularly video chatting about creativity, work, social, movies, television, and music when we got the idea to press record on our conversations and share them with the world.

A Podcast for Creatives was born and over the last five years, we’ve had the opportunity to deepen our conversations, chat with some awesome people and build a community of like-minded creative thinkers.

Being creative is a complex, messy, but beautiful experience. We hope you’ll plug in and join us for the ride.

Michelle promises that she won’t make you take the bus.

Michelle is a designer and writer who has been creating and sharing content online for over a decade. You can find her work on her site, Substack, and YouTube channel.

When she’s not working you can find Michelle reading on her back porch, exploring a new coffee shop, cooking, or rewatching an old Hollywood movie. Originally a New Yorker, Michelle now calls Northeast Florida home, where she lives with her husband and adorable kitties.

Always passionate about storytelling, Steve has established himself as an innovative and recognized leader in K-12 public relations and digital communications.

Away from work, he enjoys watching documentaries, exploring new hiking trails, and binging The Office for the umpteenth time. He’s a mildly-obsessive Yankees, Cowboys, and Knicks fan and there’s a good chance he’s playing some Billy Joel or James Taylor. He mostly communicates in Jim Halpert GIFs.

Steve lives in Upstate New York with his wife and son.

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