I’m Michelle,
a designer, writer and podcaster
chasing my dream of writing
and publishing my first novel.


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Let's create our best work, together.
For over fifteen years, I’ve supported a community of creatives from around the world,
inspiring them to share their art and motivating them to keep going.

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* Graphic Design, Website and Brand Development
* Content Creation — including writing, presentations, courses, email marketing, and social media
* Audio and Video Editing
* Photography and Styling
* Coaching and developing education for creative professionals
* Speaking, Hosting, and Performing

I’ve had the joy of being interviewed on podcasts like The Lead Generation and working with brands like Avery, DesignCuts and Rent the Runway. My work has been featured on BuzzFeed, PopSugar and Brit + Co, and more.

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Join me and my sister Laura for chats about movies, food, and the ways they bring us together.

We started this show as a passion project in 2022.
Two years later, with many special guests, and countless laughs, we’ve grown a special community of Millennials who love their movies and the meals that go with them.

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Design. Champagne. Books. Travel. Film + TV. Scenes from my kitchen. And cats.