Group Strategy Sessions

Group Strategy Sessions

Next session: Monday, July 22nd at 12 PM EST

An affordable way to find the solutions you are seeking while also getting the opportunity to grow alongside fellow creative business owners.

How it works
Once a month, Michelle hosts a live video/audio group coaching session that lasts 60-90 minutes. Space is limited to four individuals per session and during that time, you can ask any questions you’d like. You’ll have the added benefit of learning from your peers and an opportunity to meet new friends, which can lead to collaboration and even more growth.

Investment: $125/session

Only four spots available. Claim yours!

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“Michelle was an absolute blessing! I found her at a point where I had a good foundation for my online business, but I was struggling to really get it off the ground and make it profitable. One-on-one attention and personalized advice was exactly what I needed, and Michelle was able to tailor a game plan specifically for me and my needs so I could turn what I had already created into an actual business. She has been absolutely wonderful and is still a trusted business advisor when I am looking for advice.”

– Tiffany, Lavender Vines


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