Content Ideas for the Holiday Season

November 2, 2022

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Eight content ideas for the holiday season you can use to connect with your audience and make more sales.

You don’t need to be an Elf to create epic holiday content. Whether you are an illustrator, a logo designer, or a hand-letterer, this season offers many opportunities to connect with your ideal client or customer and make more sales.

Before we explore this list of content ideas for the holiday season, be sure to download your free content planner and scheduler so that you have a place to keep track of your ideas. It’s designed to help you share more content and keep your posts streamlined, giving you more time to do fun things like drink cocoa and eat cookies.

Setting the stage for your holiday content planning

If we’ve been connected for a while, you know that I see everything as if it were a movie. Planning content shouldn’t be an angsty sort of scene. Let it be joyful! 

Before you sit down with your content planner, queue up your favorite holiday playlist, pour yourself something yummy, and if you really want to own the main character energy, add holiday flair to your outfit.

Eight Content Ideas for the Holiday Season

Ready to rock and roll (around the Christmas tree)? Here’s a list of eight content ideas for the holiday season for you to share with your audience:

1 | What is your holiday style?

Engage your followers by asking them to identify the colors, decor, and vibe most appealing to them. Use visual aids like mood boards, characters, or social media accounts to help them make an easy connection.


Which of these four movie characters would you like to hire to decorate your home?

A. Buddy the Elf

B. Mary Bailey

C. John MacClean

D. Clark Griswold

2 | Holiday Memories

Stir up nostalgia and make meaningful connections by asking your audience to share a favorite moment from a holiday past. Go niche and get specific about your question so they’ll be more likely to answer.


I knew I wanted to be an artist when I spotted that yellow box of Crayola Crayons under the Christmas tree when I was seven years old.

What was the best art supply you’ve received (or bought for yourself) as a holiday gift?

3 | Holiday Gift Guide

Round up audience-specific wish list items and share them with your followers. This is always a great opportunity to use affiliate links or support small businesses.


20 Gift Ideas for Typography Enthusiasts

10 Holiday Gifts for Kids who love to craft

15 books that will inspire creativity (and make a great gift)

4 | Holiday Traditions

Ask your followers to share their favorite time-honored activities. You may even inspire your audience to adopt a new tradition.


My family decorates Gingerbread houses every year, and each person is assigned a different creative theme. Some of our favorite winners have been “Jungle Bells,” “Built by Magnolia,” and “Sporty (Holiday) Spice.”

Does your crew have a holiday baking tradition? Share your best suggestions in the comments.

5 | My Holiday List

Like the Holiday Gift Guide, but more indulgent, share the items from your personal wish list and invite your audience to do the same. This is another great opportunity to get niche-specific and to create something humorous.


The three things I want for Christmas this year:
A second Apple Pencil (the first has gone missing).
For my MacBook to stop crashing.
Unlimited access to every font in existence.

A small grant is also welcome.

What’s on your list?

6 | Holiday Songs

Create a sharable quote graphic, Reel, TikTok, or playlist featuring your favorite holiday tune(s).


Harry James > Harry Styles

Click here to download my favorite holiday playlist featuring songs for old souls.

7 | Holiday Recipes

Share something literal, like a family favorite meal item, or take this prompt in a cheeky direction and share a set of directives only your audience would appreciate.


Five holiday color palettes to adapt into patterns this December.

A recipe for the perfect handmade Christmas sign.

Ten holiday items / Twenty holiday outfit combinations.

8 | Holiday List

Give your audience a checklist-style download or screenshotable graphic with suggestions that appeal to their particular vibe. Canva has lots of great templates you can use as a starting point.


25 holiday desserts to try this season

10 animated films to watch with your kids before Christmas

A month’s worth of holiday prompts for illustrators

Tools to help you create holiday content

Your greatest asset is you and your creativity! But these tools will help too:

For finding stock images and videos | Haute Stock
Save 15% when you use this link and code MICHELLE15

For creating graphics | Canva

For sending email newsletters | Flodesk
Save 50% off of your first year when you use this link.

For creating videos, Reels and Tik Toks | CapCut

For finding music for your video content | Upbeat Stock Music 

Where to share your holiday-centric posts

With a little creativity, all of these content Ideas for the Holiday Season can be adapted into whatever content best suits your brand, including social media posts, short-form videos, vlogs or blogs, email newsletter content, and even sponsored content.

I hope that this list inspired you to start spreading your holiday magic across your community and beyond.

This post contains affiliate links.

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