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November 10, 2021

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Since the launch of our new movie and book club on October first, my life now officially revolves around movies, books, and television.

In addition to the selections we watched and read as a community last month (Gone Girl, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Rear Window, Knives Out, and Verity), I also found some time to enjoy some additional titles on my own.

If you also love to watch, read, and chat about amazing stories alongside smart people (with snacks nearby), you can try Film and Paper Club free for a month by clicking here. 

Here’s a list of our upcoming book club and movie club picks, along with our community events. I hope you can join us!

Film and Paper Club


The Flatshare, by Beth O’Leary (Fiction)

A sweet story about a girl who is coming off of a tough breakup, and the unusual living situation that helps mend her broken heart. The protagonists were quirky and endearing, with strong narration styles that made it really easy to imagine who they were.

The best part of the story was the notes that the flatmates left for one another, and if I have one complaint it is that I would have loved to have read more of them. I could have read an entire book that was solely made up of their notes.

If you are someone who loves a good rom-com and has a soft spot for British literature as I do, you’ll adore this read.

Goodnight Beautiful, by Aimee Molloy (Fiction)

I don’t read a ton of thrillers, but the ones I’ve read all follow a similar structure: told from the POV of a female, who is an unreliable narrator due to alcoholism, amnesia, narcolepsy, or all three.

Goodnight Beautiful was different and refreshing. While the beginning was a little confusing, once I got my bearings, I became completely engaged. The plot: a newlywed psychotherapist moves back to his hometown in Upstate New York with his wife, only to disappear within months of their relocation.

This book was not what I was expecting, and had my heart pounding, and pages flipping all the way until the final sentence. If you love thrillers and are looking for something different, you’ll devour this one in days, if not in one sitting.


Only Murders in the Building, 2021, Hulu

I can’t tell you how many people recommended this show. It combines so many of the best things: Classic New York City, a murder mystery, podcasting, comedy, and has a stellar cast.

If I’m being 100% honest, I loved the premise more than the series itself, but it’s still greatly entertaining, and worth a watch if you haven’t seen it yet.

Ted Lasso, 2020, Apple+

I hate it when I love things that are so popular, but everyone is right: this show deserves every bit of praise it has received. The premise: an American football coach is hired to coach a failing soccer (football) club in the UK, and that’s pretty much it. It is simply a show about having a big heart, and mine grows a little bigger with each episode.

Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed, 2021, Netflix

I love any story about artists, and this documentary was no different. I especially enjoyed this one because prior to watching, I knew very little about Bob Ross the person (other than the fact that my beloved HS art teacher absolutely hates him ????). While the hard parts of Ross’s life and legacy were heartbreaking and a bit hard to watch, he has a great story—one that any creative would enjoy.

Prop Culture, 2020, Disney+

I’ve slowly been making my way through the Disney+ documentaries, and this one has been particularly fun to watch. In it, host Dan Lanigan reunites iconic movie props with the creatives who made and used them.

It’s so fascinating to witness these reunions and to learn how much of an impact they’ve made on movie fans and culture. It’s a light, entertaining series, yet without a doubt, every episode has made me cry.

If you love Disney movies and have an appreciation for details, you will love this docuseries.


I listen to so many podcasts and will spare you from listing all of them. Here are the two that I particularly enjoyed in October.

The Tim Ferriss Show, Episode 538

I adore The Tim Ferriss Show and have been listening for years, although each episode is so rich, that I’m unable to consume every one of them. It’s inspiration overload.

Typically, Tim interviews an interesting person and peppers them with deep, thoughtful questions about how they found success. But in one of his latest shows, he takes a seat in the interviewee chair, sharing his knowledge about the art of podcasting.

I found it to be an insightful episode as a podcaster, but more so, as an entrepreneur. It was a great reminder that all creators face similar struggles and that successful individuals aren’t immune to the issues that beginners face.

I highly recommend this episode to anyone who is working or creating content in an online space.

Armchair Expert

This show, co-hosted by actors Dax Shepard and Monica Padman, is one that I listened to in its early days before it fell off of my radar.

One of my sisters brought it back to my attention, recommending a recent interview with B.J. Novak, and I’ve been unable to stop devouring their back catalog of episodes since.

The initial draw for this show was the profiling of celebrities and public figures. Now, I’ve become a lot more interested in the psychology that Dax and Monica do a stellar job of unpacking. Armchair Expert uncovers so much about the human condition and each episode is a heartwarming reminder that underneath, we are all the same.

What was the best thing you read, watched, or listened to last month? I’d love to hear your suggestions if you’d like to share them below, or by sending me a DM on Instagram.

If you buy something through the links in this post, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. Thank you for your support!

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