How to make Monday feel like a Summer Friday

Are you dreading the start of a new week? Learn how to make Monday feel like a Summer Friday.

July 19, 2021

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Are you dreading the start of a new week? In this post, I’m sharing how to make Monday feel like a Summer Friday.

Are you dreading the start of a new week? Learn how to make Monday feel like a Summer Friday.

Being a Creative is a gift. My days are typically filled with fun tasks like recording A Podcast for Creatives, playing with fonts, or writing my book. But running a creative business sometimes involves work that’s not quite as fun.

Last week began with four consecutive days of non-creative work, and it was intense. By Friday, I was so burnt out that my vision was blurring. It was time to step away from my computer.

Turning the week around

On Friday, my husband went to pick up groceries while I slept in. I did a great workout that left me feeling invigorated. I cut up fresh strawberries, admired flowers in bloom, took in the gorgeous architecture of the homes in our neighborhood, read a book, dipped my toes in the pool, and made a yummy sangria.

It’s amazing how different the world looks when you’re moving at a slower pace. 

My Summer Friday was so lovely, that I didn’t want to forget it. I took the best moments and turned it into an Instagram Reel. Watch by clicking below. If you enjoy it, please tap the heart button, or share it with a creative friend!

Are you dreading the start of a new week? Learn how to make Monday feel like a Summer Friday.

Summer Weekend

The magic of Summer Friday spilled into the weekend. It wasn’t free of work. In fact, I found myself strangely motivated to do chores like deep clean the dishwasher and launder our duvet.

It was the perfect balance of work and play. While there was scrubbing and sweeping, I also laid on the couch and watched YouTube. I picked up new library books. Went swimming. And I ended the weekend in the best way, by watching one of my favorite movies, Back to the Future.

What was different?

As my husband and I were driving back from my in-laws’ house on Sunday evening, I couldn’t help but scrutinize the weekend. What made it so wonderful? How was I feeling so good, knowing I was hours away from Monday?

Summer Friday was responsible

The moment I decided to take a breather, slow down and appreciate the beauty that surrounded me, there was an energy shift. It didn’t involve going on vacation. My environment was the same during the four days of my busy work week. 

But I was unable to notice the petite joys that surrounded me. By last Thursday night, I could barely see anything, never mind the good things.

How to make Monday feel like a Summer Friday

So as I go into my Monday, I am determined to fix the blunder of last week. Summer Fridays are great, but I don’t want to wait until the end of the week to enjoy my life. If this weekend taught me anything it’s that everything flows when you make space to breathe.

Create white space

Look at your schedule for this week. Where can you make room? Are there calls you can cancel? Tasks you can eliminate, or outsource? Can you ask a partner or friend for help?

Allow your week to be filled with the best

I don’t think you need to look for the petite joys in life. You’ll see them. You’ll notice them when your eyes aren’t tired and you can think straight. 

But it’s up to you to appreciate them. That’s how to make Monday feel like a Summer Friday. How can you use your five senses to experience life to the fullest? Stop to pause as you see, hear, taste, smell, and touch. 

Capture those moments, celebrate them, or maybe even create an Instagram Reel of your own.

For more inspiration, stay connected with me on Instagram and let me know how you’re using it to seek beauty.

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