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How to increase your email marketing conversions, for creative businesses

Are you a creative business owner who has been struggling with converting email subscribers to buyers and lifelong fans? In this blog post and video, Michelle shares an underutilized strategy that you can use to increase your odds of making a connection. If you have an online business, you’re probably getting really sick of hearing […]

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I’m Michelle.
A modern maker with a classic approach to design. Ever in search
of beautiful typography and
baked goods.
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Trying something unfamiliar can be exciting, but often comes with a dose of fear, and can leave you feeling exhausted. This week I experienced a rollercoaster of all those emotions as I took on two new projects that were outside of my comfort zone: publishing my first vlog and preparing to launch a Facebook ad […]

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Is blogging actually worth it? Spoiler alert: YES. This article explores how to maximize the impact of your blog posts, reach a bigger audience, create opportunities, and put more money in your pocket. { Includes a FREE CHECKLIST to help improve the value of your posts! }

Is blogging actually worth it? Spoiler alert: yes. This article explores how to maximize the impact of your blog posts, reach a bigger audience, create opportunities, and put more money in your pocket.  I spent the early years of my business blogging without purpose. Like many newlywed gals, I thought Style Me Pretty was the […]

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Exploring the benefits of guest blogging, choosing the right type of site, methods for pitching your content, and maximizing your opportunity for exposure. // From MichelleHickey.Design

Guest blogging is one of those small actions that has the potential of growing your business in a big way. For me, it didn’t just bring more traffic to my blog, but exposed me to a whole new audience and led to an unbelievable spike in sales, which remains my second-highest selling month to date. […]

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Free Printable Planning Sheets for bloggers and small business owners! Two designs are included: one for keeping track of your brilliant ideas and the other to manage potential collaborations and sponsorships. Both will get you inspired to take action and grow your business and/or blog. Designs by MichelleHickey.Design.

Two planning printables to help you get organized while elevating your business: coming right up! Fellow bloggers and small business owners, I don’t know what happened to me at the start of this year, but I have got a fire lit under me, and I’m been so motivated to grow my business and to help support others (that’s […]

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There have been quite a few of you who have had reached out to tell me that you have dreams of someday starting your own blog and/or creative business. I also have some dear friends and family members who have considered taking their passion to the next level by starting their own blog, but don’t know […]

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If you’ve been making your way through my design school series, I’m guessing you may be a blogger or online content creator. If you’ve got something great to share, you need artwork and graphics that are compelling enough to bring readers from your social media channels back over to your site. Pinterest, is of course the most […]

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Join me and my friend Steve King for a bi-monthly discussion about the complex, messy and beautiful experience that is being a creative.

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Whether you need help developing your brand's aesthetic, or scroll-stopping visual content, I'm here to help you and your business stand out in the digital space.


A modern maker with a classic approach to design.

An elder millennial, I learned graphic design the old-fashioned way, but for the past fifteen years, I’ve practiced those principles in the digital space. The result: content that stands the test of time.

I work with clients to craft everything from the ground up, establishing a strong foundation and energizing your visuals with meaning. Impactful content goes beyond what we see. We’re here to make your audience feel.

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