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August 31, 2022

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In this post, you’ll find eight creative content ideas for Fall to use in blog posts, emails, opt-ins, social media, and more.

Nobody loves Fall more than the internet. Except maybe Starbucks. 

As I write this in the month of August and think about the current vibe on Instagram and TikTok, it feels a lot like huddling behind a couch in the dark with a bunch of people poised to shout, “surprise!” Everyone is looking at one another with anticipation, whispering, “Is it time yet?” 

For once, it seems everyone agrees: Fall can’t start soon enough. And this makes our jobs as brands simple. Should you post about the most beloved season of the year? Yes, and as often as you can.


Ready to make your Fall content plan?

Now is the perfect time to fill in your content planner so that you’re primed to engage with your audience and participate in their autumnal discussions. If you’d like to use mine, click here to download your Content Planner and Scheduler for free.

Content ideas for Fall

If you’re sitting with your blank Content Planner in one hand and a pumpkin spice latte in the other, wondering what to do next, read on. Here are eight content ideas for Fall that you can use, customize, and refine for your niche:

1 | Cultivate a list of Fall/Halloween Movies

Give your audience a helpful resource while also spurring discussion opportunities, such as:

Which film is your favorite? Name a movie on the list you’ve yet to watch. Tag a friend and plan a spooky movie date for this weekend.

Cater your list to your audience’s niche to make it more unique and sharable. We’ve all already seen the list that starts with “Hocus Pocus.” What if yours only contained Halloween Movies about Dogs? Or Fall Flicks for fans of the 80s?

Get specific, and show your clients and customers that you get them.

2 | Share a roundup of Fall-inspired goods or tools

Create a collection of resources that has particular appeal to your audience, and present it to suit their style.

For example, if you serve businesses, sharing a simple list of tools to prepare for Holiday sales would be an easy and accessible way to help. If your audience is more lifestyle-centric, consider using Canva to create an influencer-style collage of your favorite Fall finds.

Bonus: use affiliate links to maximize your revenue while serving your people. Wins all around.

3 | Create a shareable Fall-inspired graphic or quote

What does the internet love as much as Fall? Quotes. Trends have come and gone, but a stellar piece of text, a song lyric, or a movie line—those are here to stay.

Use Canva to create share-worthy graphics that speak directly to your audience. Dare to get obscure and select a quote that only your audience understands. They’ll be far more likely to engage if they can deeply connect.

If you have a blog or an email newsletter, consider offering your graphic as a free download so readers can help spread it organically. Add your social media or website to the bottom so people know where to find more great content.

4 | Tell a scary story

What is the creepiest thing that’s ever happened to you? Indulge your audience in a personal tale and do your best to connect it to your brand.

If you don’t have one of your own, borrow from an existing story and tie it back to a sentiment that relates to your niche.

For example: <Photo of the skeleton from the movie Psycho> “You may not be hiding something as scary as Norman Bates, but most Peletoners have a secret stash in their pantry. What go-to guilty pleasure snack would we find in your home?”

5 | Which Fall character are you?

Create a list of Fall or Halloween-inspired characters that align with your audience. Prompt them to share which they find most identifiable and why.

There is a great opportunity for visuals with this prompt. If you haven’t yet experimented with Reels or TikTok, give it a try, and message me if you do!

6 | Host a mini Fall challenge

Bring the love of the season together with a fun and easy challenge catered to your niche. This type of content is particularly effective because it empowers your community to take action and keep your brand top of mind.

Here are some ideas:

Fall fitness challenge: One spooky-inspired move for every day in the month of October

Fall design challenge: Use this Autumn Glow illustration pack and create five new graphics before Fall ends

If you have an active group, you may even consider awarding a Fall-inspired prize for participation.

Fall organization challenge: Choose the scariest, messiest drawer in your kitchen, and transform it. Tag us with your before and afters for a chance to win this set of Pumpkin Spice cleaning products.

7 | Share a Fall “Recipe”

This content idea isn’t only for internet chefs. Cultivate your brand’s version of a recipe or guide to help your customers and clients, such as a collection of Autumn color palettes, a recipe for a stress-free Fall morning, or a blueprint for saving money in Q4.

8 | Create a Fall-inspired list

Curate a list of suggested activities that your community would enjoy during the fall. Think of it like a seasonal bucket list.

To increase usability, design your list in a program like Canva, and share it as a free printable download or as a graphic for social media and Pinterest.

Customize your Content Ideas for Fall

If I didn’t emphasize this enough, I’ll say it one more time: the more you cater your content to your specific audience, the more effective it will be. If you need help defining your brand’s unique position, click here to download this free Brand Blueprint.

Ready to begin planning your fall content?

Use this signature Content Planner and scheduler to fill in all of your brilliant ideas. 

This post contains affiliate links.

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