Personality Tests for Creatives

May 3, 2022

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Personality tests are more than fun indulgences. They are essential tools designed to help you understand your strengths, spot weaknesses, and differentiate your work. As the online world crowds, and it’s becoming increasingly challenging to stand out, personality tests for creatives are more crucial than ever.

Personality Tests for Creatives

Overcoming a creative block

Like many of you, the last two years have brought about challenges in my creative business. So much has changed since I started sharing work online over a decade ago, and instead of adapting, I felt stuck, battling doubt, inadequacy, and frustration. 

I knew that I needed to pivot, but I was unclear about the direction. While I looked into the unknown, wishing I had a crystal ball to give me the answers, I had forgotten that the answers were within me. In every conversation I had with a creative friend, they would remind me of the strengths and qualities that set me apart. If only we were as kind to ourselves as our friends are!

Using personality tests to find direction

These discussions prompted me to return to these tried and true personality tests for creatives. Amazingly, the results were still the same as when I took them years ago. It was a powerful reminder that time and our world are ever in motion, but our uniqueness is constant. And then it clicked. I knew exactly where to put my energy. More on that soon.

When you’re feeling stuck, not knowing if you’re working on the right projects or with the right people, the way out is to remember who you are. Everything becomes clear when you have a comprehensive understanding of your strengths, preferences, and unique qualities.

I invite you to visit or revisit these four personality tests for creatives so that you can find the confidence you need to put your work out into the world.

Four personality tests for creatives

16 Personalities (Based on Myers-Briggs)

This personality test will uncover your preferences for perceiving the world around you and making decisions.

Before taking this assessment, I knew the word “introvert” but didn’t really understand it. Uncovering my type, “INFJ,” explained so much and changed everything for me.

The 16 Personalities test will help you reframe weaknesses into preferences and give you the confidence to honor them.

Take the 16 Personalities Test (free)


We are all driven by inner motives. This assessment helps you find your strongest driver and recognize them in others. 

I laughed when I uncovered that I was an Enneagram 9, “the peacemaker.” My unwavering desire for harmony was spot on. But the real revelation didn’t come until much later when I was going through a rough time. The Enneagram doesn’t only uncover your drivers but also your greatest fears. 

For an Enneagram 9, we worry that we (our voice, work, message) don’t matter. This understanding helped me realize that while my feelings were genuine, I allowed my fears to drive my actions rather than reality.

Take the Enneagram to understand what’s driving you and what makes you hit the breaks.

Take the Enneagram Assessment (free)

I recommend reading The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile. In addition to helping you understand your drivers, it’ll strengthen your relationships as you learn to understand others.


This test unveils the skills that come most naturally to you. With over 34 themes, StrengthsFinder pinpoints and ranks your top five.

I’ve always loved personality tests, but it became apparent that my fascination ran deep after taking the StrengthsFinder assessment. The results revealed that my number one “theme” is Individualization, or the ability to recognize the unique qualities in each person. Even if you aren’t into personality tests, I’m taking one for you in my head.

If you’re creative, you’re likely multi-passionate and talented. But we don’t have time to do it all. StrengthsFinder helps you pinpoint the very best so that you can produce the most.

Take the StrengthsFinder Assessment (paid)

I also recommend reading StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Gallup and Tom Rath, which comes with a code to take the assessment. 


Similar to the StrengthsFinder test’s aim, The Sparketype assessment was designed to help you identify the work that makes you come alive.

I picked up (more like grasped for) this book early this year as I was feeling desperate to get myself out of my creative slump. Reading it, and taking the assessment, didn’t only remind me of the type of work that fills me with joy (Maker) but also the kind that depletes me (Advocate).

I highly recommend this to anyone who feels unfulfilled in their work. There are so many roads available to you. Make sure you’re walking the right path.

Learn your Sparketype (free)

Increase your knowledge of all the types by reading Sparked by Jonathan Fields.

What makes you unique?

The Individualization-obsessed me wants to know: what were your results?

After taking or retaking the tests above, I’d love to hear your results. Leave a comment below or send me a message on Instagram to tell me what you discovered about yourself.

For more on personality tests for creatives, tune into our discussion in Episode 061 of A Podcast for Creatives, Understanding Personality Types

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