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The ultimate guide to creating Instagram Carousels

Read on to learn everything you need to know about creating Instagram Carousels that convert your followers to fans. I’m sick of hearing myself talk and think about Instagram’s algorithm. It’s true: we can’t reach our followers as we used to. But let’s not overlook the many features Instagram has added to make it easier […]

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I’m Michelle.
A modern maker with a classic approach to design. Ever in search
of beautiful typography and
baked goods.
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Get your Digital Brand Blueprint

In this post, you’ll find eight creative content ideas for Fall to use in blog posts, emails, opt-ins, social media, and more. Nobody loves Fall more than the internet. Except maybe Starbucks.  As I write this in the month of August and think about the current vibe on Instagram and TikTok, it feels a lot […]

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Are you wondering how you can give presentations when you're an introvert? In this article, you'll find four tips to help you become an inspiring speaker, without changing who you are. // from Michelle Hickey Design #introverts #presentationskills

Are you wondering how you can give presentations when you’re an introvert? In this article, you’ll find four tips to help you become an inspiring speaker, without changing who you are. I had something really exciting happen last weekend and that was getting the opportunity to present at Florida Blog Con. Believe it or not, […]

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In this post, I reveal my master list of 20 tools for creative business owners, who blog, sell products, and share services online. These helpful resources will help increase productivity + profits, while freeing up time so you can focus on the big picture. Be sure to grab the 3-page business expense and financial success planner […]

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Creative Entrepreneur, Rachel Allene, shares her insights and knowledge about starting a small business without prior experience. The story of how she took her passion for lettering and photography and built her own empire, is truly inspiring. // Interview from MichelleHickey.Design.

Many people have a creative spirit, but not everyone lets it out. Rachel Allene is someone who couldn’t quiet her passion. After pursuing a degree in health science, she almost immediately ditched her first job and jumped into entrepreneurship, head first. Her story teaches us that just getting started is the most important step. Learning […]

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In this post, you’ll learn five ways to create pin-worthy graphics to help promote your blog, online shop, social media, and more. If you’ve been making your way through my design school series, I’m guessing you may be a blogger or online content creator. If you’ve got something great to share, you need artwork and […]

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Join me and my friend Steve King for a bi-monthly discussion about the complex, messy and beautiful experience that is being a creative.

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Whether you need help developing your brand's aesthetic, or scroll-stopping visual content, I'm here to help you and your business stand out in the digital space.


A modern maker with a classic approach to design.

An elder millennial, I learned graphic design the old-fashioned way, but for the past fifteen years, I’ve practiced those principles in the digital space. The result: content that stands the test of time.

I work with clients to craft everything from the ground up, establishing a strong foundation and energizing your visuals with meaning. Impactful content goes beyond what we see. We’re here to make your audience feel.

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